Tio Charles

Tio Charles was born into a wealthy "old  money" family, and lived in the lap of luxury until the age of three. At that time, he ran away from home and lived with a pack of wild dogs, roaming free.

At the age of 21, he received a large trust fund. He immediately squandered half of it on what has become the world's foremost collection of fire hydrants.

During his years in the wild, Tio Charles would often listen by the side door to the radios of the houses where he foraged through the garbage cans for his meals. One night, he heard the distinctive sound of the Surfari's, the seminal '60's surf band. He has never forgotten the exciting sound of "Wipe Out" played on the electric guitar.

Tio Charles funds the Foundation to foster a love of music, especially guitar music, to young pups everywhere.

Although he leads a more conventional life now, Tio Charles will on occasion chase moving cars.