Our Staff               

Director of World Music

Tia Nizhoni (The Tia Formerly Known as Tia India)

Although well under 30 years of age, Tia Nizhoni has lived in more than 30 countries. An Olympic-caliber swimmer, she has swum in all seven seas and crossed the English Channel. A true multi-linguist, she is fluent in several languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

As the Director of World Music, Tia Nizhoni is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting music. Recently she singlehandedly paddled the entire length of the Amazon River in an aluminum Sears and Roebuck canoe in search of primitive and indigenous music. Her Ipod library is astonishing in it's breadth and depth. Tia Nizhoni is a music ethnopologist without peer.

An avid extreme-sports enthusiast, Tia Nizhoni recently took up snowboarding, mostly out of an Inuit-like love of snow. Tia India is presently living in the American Southwest and persuing advanced studies.

We are proud to welcome Tia Nizhoni to the staff of the Tio Charles Guitar Foundation. 

TiaNizhoni AT TioCharlesGuitarFoundation.Org

Director of Communication and Promotion

Tia Floracita

What can one say about Tia Floracita? Words alone can’t do her justice, for she is the wizard of words, the gamin of grammer, the sultaness of style. Born to a literary family, Tia Floricita has been making up stories, poems, fables, and her mind since earliest childhood. She can talk her way into anything and then bedazzle and dance her way back out again.

A true fan of music in all of its flavors, Tia Floracita brings her encyclopedic knowledge of rhythm, swing, jump, blues, and jazz to the Foundation. Blessed with a truly generous heart and a wicked sense of humor, Tia Floracita brightens the lives of those around her.

Tia Floracita is fluent in several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Kurdu. The Tio Charles Guitar Foundation is delighted to have this cunning linguist join them. TiaFloracita AT TioCharlesGuitarFoundation.Org

Director of Apparel and Merchandising

Tia Madonna

Tia Madonna comes to us from the world of experimental high fashion. A graduate of Lichtenstein School of Design (LSD), Tia Madonna has us all in stitches at the Foundation office complex as she describes her many forays in the fashion world.

A true rock ‘n’ Roll girl at heart, Tia Madonna works best with the music blasting the music of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, and MC5. While it is never quiet in her studio, Tia Madonna radiates a focused energy and attention to detail that exemplifies her perpetual pursuit of perfection.

In addition to designing all of fine shirts and accessories soon to be available from the Tio Charles Guitar Foundation, Tia Madonna is always on the lookout for other exciting new products.  TiaMadonna AT TioCharlesGuitarFoundation.Org

Director of Fun and Nonsense

Tia Malarkey

We welcome Tia Malarkey as our Director of Fun and Nonsense.

An expert equestrian, she once rode a three-legged horse over sheer mountain cliffs in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Africa.

As a citizen of the world, Tia Malarkey has lived in London, many cities in the United States, and South Korea, where she taught Gaelic to emigrants bound for Ireland.

A trickster by natural inclination, Tia Malarkey also brings violence to her violin. You can often catch Tia Malarkey playing “Pied Piper” to stray cats in her New York City neighborhood, where she feeds them milk and cookies on Sunday afternoons.

Tia Malarkey’s musical tastes the gamut from sea-shanties to high opera. We are proud to have Tia Malarkey join us. TiaMalarkey AT TioCharlesGuitarFoundation.Org