Questions and Answers

Where are you located?
We are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The Tio Charles Guitar Foundation is what we think of as the first “virtual participatory” non-profit foundation. Our directors are geographically widely dispersed. We don’t have the overhead of rent, office space, utilities, so donations go much further and we can serve more musicians. We also deeply appreciate the efforts of our volunteers who are scattered all over the country.

Is there really a Tio Charles? Who is he?
Yes, Tio Charles is a real person. It’s more difficult to say who he is because he won’t say himself. By the way, the correct pronunciation is “Tio Charleeeeees”

What’s the deal with all these Tia’s?
Can’t have Tio’s without Tia’s, can we?

Are you guys serious / for real?
You betcha. We are very serious about promoting and supporting local musicians. At the same time, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We feel that music should be a celebration of all things meaningful in people’s lives and that a healthy dose of humor is essential. Each of the Directors is a very real, different person. Their biographies reflect some truth of them, however.

What can I do to help?
First, support local music. Give a buck to the guitarist on the corner. Sign our guestbook. Send us information on your favorite local or street musician so that we can enter it into our database of performers.

Do you accept donations?
We are in the process of setting up a donation mechanism, as well as providing other merchandise.  Please check back for updates.